Tuesday, August 2, 2016

She Lost Her Child Because Of A Stupid Mistake She Made On Facebook

The main and most awful mistake that people make on Facebook is that they become friends on Facebook with people who they have no idea who they personally. After that, when they post a photo of their kids or another thing relating them, they are not being careful and don’t keep attention to the person they recently became friends with on Facebook. However, they should keep attention because every day one devastating scenario occurs nowadays  that new ‘friend,’ it turns out to be a kids trafficker.

This kids trafficker will save the photo of your kid on a hard drive of the computer and then it will post it to an online catalog. In this catalog is every kid who is up for a sale. The people give an offer until another person reacts. A lot of people have access to these catalogs. This business costs and is estimated to billions of dollars worth and your kid is a profitable very good and extremely marketable “product” to all those awful and disgusting people.

Then a person who wants to buy the kid will contact with the trafficker and in the meantime that same person constantly stalks the parents Facebook profile. Next, the person waits for a new post, where the parents give out their location school, church, or any other activity outside of school, football practice or something else. So, the trafficker waits and looks for the best moment to take the kid when no one is paying attention, then it is too late for the parents to be able to do something. The kid disappears and probably forever.
These people work and live in every part of the world. They sell kids for a bunch of money plus they take some extra fees. These people sell the kids to people who will abuse them, who are able to hurt them and all of that following the many horrors that they will go through which is something compared to the horror movies.

There is nothing so special in posting information or photos which will make the job of the traffickers to take your kid even easier. Please, stop adding and accepting people you do not know on Facebook or any other social network. Also, very important do not post photos of your kids with  helpful information for the trafficker, information that will help him to find out your location of living, the street where you walk or go to school, faculty. The life of every kid is way too precious and important and you should not be left out and separated from them just because you thought that is good if you have one more friend on Facebook.

Another issue with Facebook and posting photos of kids is that even if you don’t know all of your friends on Facebook, your friends can see and also share the same photos with their friends. So, for the sake of your kids and your own change your privacy setting and you will get some sort of security that the photos you post will not be seen by another person who is not on your friends list.  Even though, there are plenty of people who are data thieves and hackers who can easily change that.

Change your privacy settings with these easy steps (take a look of the video below).Be aware and don’t forget that your family can save the photos on their computer as well and  then they may share it with their friends.You cannot have control over this and you cannot see who re-shares the picture.
It is essential to be careful and consider the safety of your kid as the most important thing. A lot of people have fake profiles and many times an innocent kid will take up the consequences  because you made awful decisions.Do not make the identical mistake and do not be in that group of moms who don’t know where their kid is.

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