Monday, March 21, 2016

5 Terrible Things Happen To Your Body If You Wear High Heels Too Often

It is true that women legs look fabulous in high heels. Such footwear together with height can raise your confidence. But that does not mean you should sacrifice health for the sake of appearance.
Stilettos are hazardous to health. This is why you should avoid them. Consider the natural position of the foot. While wearing high heels, most of your weight and the pressure is on the heels. If you think you can quickly return to their natural position when you remove them, you are wrong. Stilettos completely change that.

One study shows that wearing heels causes enormous pressure on the feet, which are in an unnatural position, and all the weight is focused on his heels. This effect becomes stronger when you wear heels even more. Over time, this can weaken the heel.
Thanks to modern medical technology, researchers and doctors can see how the body works when women wear high heels. While it is nice to see a woman in high heels, high heels alter the natural distribution of weight on the spine and the pressure is added on the lower back.

Some reports indicate that wearing heels constantly causes one vertebra to push the other. This is an extremely painful condition, and that is the risk that you choose whenever you choose to wear high heels.
These are just some of the common dangers of wearing high heels:
* Tense muscles around the ankles
* Back pain because your center of gravity moved forward
* Achilles tendon – Since the front part of the foot is down, the Achilles tendon is tightened, which after a while can become very painful.
* Heel – Solid shoes can irritate the heel and thus results in an increase of the calcaneus. This deformity is called Haglund’s deformity.
* Numbness of fingers and permanent nerve damage to the fingers. In narrow and high shoes toes are constantly tense, and even intertwined. Unfortunately, if you often wear high heels, this state can persist even when you wear comfortable shoes.

You do not have to completely give up on high heels, especially if you like to wear them for special occasions. However, you should consider whether you will continue to wear heels, flat shoes or walk barefoot, which is healthy.In this way, your foot is in a natural state and you can improve your overall health.

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