Tuesday, January 19, 2016

How I lose 9kgs in 30 days

Hi friends , today i am going to explain how i lost 9 kg in around 30 days by following some simple health tips and having a simple Recipe. I am not copying and pasting this health tip/recipe its my own experience. Follow the tips what i mentioned in the below if you are not able to loss your weight at least minimum just mail to me that's too mentioned in below. Coming to main content ,the tips and recipe i had for this weight loss are as follows


  • Water 600 ml
  • Honey 10ml
  • 1 Tbs Lemon Juice

Our Drink Preparation:

  • Heat water and mix the honey and lemon juice drink it with light Heat 

Morning: (After Jogging min 2km)Our Drink and small amount of oats/Raagi soup (never sleep in mornings)
Noon: Our drink and FRUIT SALAD (Dont sleep in noon too)
Night: Our Drink and 2 Chapati with out oil, Sleep after 1 hour having Dinner (Sleep min 6 hours max 8 hours)

These are the things i followed and loss my weight up to 9 kg, initially i am around 77 kg with 176 cm height now am 68 kg and following the same steps but i increased food because no need to loose my weight now . DIET HAS TO FOLLOW STRICTLY 


  1. Everytym we hav to warm the our drink before we hav or its only in the morning plz reply.

  2. As soon as u start eating all the weight will come back.
    And such diets r not sustainable for lifetime.
    It's like abusing ur body.
    Deffeciency of nutrients will start happening.