Thursday, November 12, 2015

Natural Homemade recipe to loose 9kg in 21 days


  • Mixed with one big orange
  • Four of limes
  • Three tablespoons honey


  1. Cut the orange and lemon on four pieces
  2. Put in half a liter of water over the  quiet fire  and leave it  for 20 minutes
  3. Put three tablespoons of honey over them and leave 10 minutes on the quiet fire
  4. Filter it and Leave them a few hours, Take 3 cups a day for 21 days

This quantity for one day mean the second day do the same thing
The sudden are with this topic recipe eat normal  food not deprive yourself of anything but

be away  from chocolate and soft drinks


  1. Is there a secret ingredient in this? The recipe does not look complete. Please reply ASAP!

  2. Yes
    it seems to be incomplete receipe

  3. Does this really work? Has anyone tried or tested this?

  4. Does this really work? Has anybody tried it?

  5. Please tell me all d ingredients
    I think somerthin is missing
    Cz sentence formation is incomplete

  6. Hi do we cut the fruit with skin or without?

  7. Hi do we cut the fruit with skin or without?

  8. can someone answer archana liju please.?

  9. Need to know if its lemon or lime…cuz limes were mentioned under "ingredients" and the lemon was mentioned under "preparation". Also, need to know to cut them to 4 pieces, and then put to boil with or without skin. I thought boiling water will kill all the vitamins of the lemons/limes? Please advise. Thanks

  10. Just to confirm if its lemons or limes cuz limes were mentioned under the heading "ingredients" whereas lemon was mentioned under the heading "preparation". Also, need to know to cut them into 4 pieces with or without skin. Thought boiling water would "kill" the vitamins of the citrus? Please advise. Thanks.

  11. is it lemon or limes in ingredients it says lime in prep it says lemons

  12. Ek sath three cup Lena hai yaa three times mein ? Plz tell in detail n clear the up doughts ?