Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Why You Should Never Use The Same Plastic Bottle Twice

Plastic bottles are an essential accessory for the summer months. They’re the easiest way to transport water and other soft drinks during the hot weather. Experts warn that the problem arises when we use one bottle a few times.

The Bottle Is A Breeding Ground For Bacteria
During the summer heat, the bacteria can spread instantly through our environment, with a strong focus on the equipment that we use for food and drink. The ‘most dangerous’ part of plastic bottles is the opening, because the bacteria are transmitted from the mouth to the uneven parts of plastic.The bacteria reproduce here.

The Heat Releases Dangerous Chemicals
To prevent the spread of bacteria, the plastic bottle should be washed with warm water and detergent. In order to thoroughly wash out the bacteria, many resort to hot water (or even put the bottle in the dishwasher), which has the opposite effect than desired. Plastic bottles are not designed for exposure to high temperatures because the chemicals they release are life-threatening.

Use The Bottle Only Once
Plastic bottles, sold in shops should be used only once. On the market there are specialized bottles for multiple use that are produced in a different way. However, they’re not one hundred percent safe. If you want to avoid most of the bacteria, buy bottles with a wider throat for drinking, which is easier to clean.

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