Monday, September 14, 2015

Look 10 Years Younger with Rice Water Face Mask

The Japanese always surprise with some health related thing, and this time is about beauty a surprisingly skin healing benefits of rice.Do you know that rice contains skin healing benefits? This is because rice is a rich source of linoleic acids and squalene, a powerful antioxidant which promotes collagen production in the skin.Squalene also protects the skin from sun damage, which causes skin wrinkling. 

The large amount of gamma oryznol and vitamin E, on the other hand, helps protect heart and health and lowers cholesterol. Unfortunately, apart from Japanese, most people are not aware of these facts. Rice does miracles when it comes to skin rejuvenation.We give you a super simple rice mask that will smooth out your wrinkles and give you a nice skin complexion.

3 Tbsp rice
1 Tbsp milk
1 Tbsp honey

After boiling the rice, strain and put aside the water in which the rice boiled.
Add heated milk in the rice and mix.
After stirring the mixture well, add honey.
Apply the mask on clean skin, then let dry.
Take off the mask and wash your face with water, using the water in which the rice is boiled.
Do this procedure at least once a week, if you want to feel the benefits and look ten years younger.

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  1. Rice KO kitne boil Karna hai? How much time rice should be boiled? And plz tell me the consistency of milk rice paste?