Saturday, November 22, 2014

Interesting facts about Dravid and Laxman

Both debuted in same year 1996
- Both played 16 years international cricket.
- Both involved in 300 run partnership against Aus twice.
- Both scored their last test century at Kolkata in same test match against West indies.
- Both involved in highest run partnership for 5th wicket for India in tests.
- Both played their last test series against Australia.
- Both players last overseas test series is in Australia.
- Both took their firt test wicket in same match against West indies.
- Both helped India in winning historical Kolkata test.

- Both helped India in winning the Adelaide test in Aus in 2004 where Rahul Dravid scored 233 and Laxman scored 148.
- Both are unsung heroes.
- Both retired in same year 2012.

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