Thursday, October 30, 2014

Kalaya Nijama Telugu Movie Teaser Trailer HD

Maheshhima Movies..... కలయా నిజమా (Kalayaa Nijamaa)
It is an experimental feature FILM in Telugu language. This film is all about the importance of LOVE in the journey of life to lead happily. Life changes after the marriage. It is the most important and confused stage of life, because everyone must have to travel with Life partner. Love is only the fuel for Happy journey. The Movie deals with the emotions of the characters in the film, majorly married people. The film revolves around the relation between wife and husband, how it transforms if they neglect Love and encourages Hate with in them. Any problem starts like a drop... if we keep adding the drops, then it turns into a ocean.... later impossible to control it. Hate starts like a virus with in us when Love is not strong.... it grows like cancer and kills the relation. If there is Love there is beautiful relation.... if there is hate it is Horrible... even it kills the LOVE.


Surya and Preethi are newly married couple, leading very happy life. They are in LOVE. They don't know even the name of "HATE" till he enters in their life. "HATE" grows like monster and playing with them. Life is disturbed suddenly, they are searching for the address of LOVE every day. They realized that there is no life without "LOVE". Then, how they saved their "LOVE" is the rest of the story.

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